logs ready for mobile milling sunshine coast

Mobile Milling Sunshine Coast

 Mobile Milling

Have your timber milled on your place by Graeme’s Mobile Milling Sunshine Coast the Lucas Mill Specialist. Will travel to all parts of Queensland or New South Wales. Call for a quote now.

Turn your unwanted trees that are too close to the house into timber you can use not wood chip
Dimensional Timber

The Lucas Mobile Mill combined with thought & commitment enables the greatest recovery of usable timber from a log.  A high percentage of recovery is always our aim.
We are able to cut weather boards, dimensional timber ranging  in size from small garden stakes to large posts and timber slabs.

Milled timber can be  strapped for storage

 Timber Slabs

Timber slabs can be used for a bar, table and bench tops, garden or bar b que furniture,artistic feature pieces or anything you can imagine.
Slabbed timber features the beauty of the grain and its colour along with the unique and sometimes quirky shapes of the log.

Some slabs available for sale.


Your timber milled at your place

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